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  • Thank you Midge for all your help. You made it easy and not stressful!

    Sofiya Hrytsko Avatar
    Sofiya Hrytsko

    Thank you very much Van Ramos for excellent customer service!

    Ace Ela helped me with set up of modem and router....
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    Alya Ya Avatar
    Alya Ya

    good service for opening account. Ann is very nice to talk to.

    sharon deng Avatar
    sharon deng

    I had a very good experience with Christine on the phone to set up my internet.

    The instructions in the website...
    read more

    Gregory Basin Avatar
    Gregory Basin
  • Madame Sherine Hassan était très bonne avec nous et on la remercie beaucoup de sa effort et de son beau... read more

    Helal Hamada Avatar
    Helal Hamada

    Nikki San helped me setting up real quick

    Q G Avatar
    Q G

    Dealing with Chrisse Ramos (and earlier with Gabriel) was a smooth process over the phone. There was a bit of... read more

    Kelvin Nedokis Avatar
    Kelvin Nedokis

    A wonderful worker who’s name is Dov was my hero he was calm and patient. He took us through everything... read more

    Comfort Sam Avatar
    Comfort Sam
  • I've been with Altima Telecom for more than 3 years, and I would like to give 5 star on... read more

    Jennifer Fu Avatar
    Jennifer Fu

    I had a good experience with Rose on the phone to set up service. At least you get to speak... read more

    Office Buffalo Avatar
    Office Buffalo

    Gabby from Altima Telecom was wonderful. She explained everything very thoroughly, was very patient and even after I was connected... read more

    Ruslan Krassovitski Avatar
    Ruslan Krassovitski

    Rose from Altima Telecom is very helpful, professional, and friendly. She clearly explains the details and double-check all the information... read more

    Art Popov Avatar
    Art Popov
  • Rose with Altima Telecom was very informative and helpful. She answered all of my questions in a polite and professional... read more

    Eric Pedersen Avatar
    Eric Pedersen

    Thank you very much Van Ramos for excellent customer service!

    Alya Ya Avatar
    Alya Ya

    Nikki was very helpful in helping me set up my service! She was very friendly and extremely polite, and... read more

    Jeremie Monette Avatar
    Jeremie Monette

    Thanks to gabby for proving better service at reasonable price

    Stalinjeet Sidhu Avatar
    Stalinjeet Sidhu